06 August 2012

The Ship which never sinks...

Hi Friends :)

Wishing you all a very Happy Friendship Day!
Fills the Fun in your life
Makes your Poem in Rhyme
Ignites the Fire in you
Throws the Ego far from You
Makes every day a New Day
Dishes out the Best for YOU <3

Life changes, situations get worse but the ship of Friends sails no matter what. Storm passes by, Cyclones are no more in sight, Earthquakes, oh what are they? When I have you my Friend it is the Happiness which stays! :)
Shah Rukh Khan
The unofficial pioneer of Friendship bands in India B-)

Friendship Day is incomplete without Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and it is also incomplete without my favorite song  by KK... Yaron dosti :)

Just sit back for a moment, think of those who make your life Beautiful...
think of the Ship which never sinks....

Wishing lots of Ships in your Life :)
Do share with me as to why Friends are Special to you!

Yeh na ho toh kya fir bolo yeh Zindagi hai.... :')