18 August 2012

30 things to do before I turn 30 (Part 1)

Hi everyone, last month when I wrote about my love for Mumbai, I discovered that there are places in Mumbai I haven't been to, there are eateries which I haven't tried yet and there are many adventures I am yet to discover. In these Have nots' and yet-to-do I figured out that there is more to life than I see. So here I am with my bucket list of "30 things to do before I turn 30" :D
I have 9 years to complete this list and even If I don't do I will shift the 'left-to-do' to my Next Bucket list ;)
They are more of a dream(s) but wishing for them is kind of to-do for me :)
Many are kind of Unrealistic (in order to achieve in 9years) but the sheer happiness of thinking about them also is great :D
So here I go;

1) Get Published :D

I have started taking my writing seriously and it feels good when I win several contests which are purely based on what I write. Soon I want to write something which people acknowledge as BESTSELLER someday. *sounds awesome*
So that someday should be before 30, so that I can proclaim myself as a Author. :)

2) Get a road named after ME

Move to your left and you will be on the "Megha Shrimali" Road :D 
Haha I know it sounds really funny and absurd but I Love my name. Not that I would get a tattoo of it but a name of the Road, fancies me! :P
Its creepy, I know.

I am a author, have a road name on me (even when I am alive :P) ... what next? I must have done something big since there is a road named after me, isn't it? ;) I feel even if I don't get the darn road I will have a name plate atleast on my tree house! so the next in my bucket list is;

3) Build and Own a Beautiful Tree House
Getting up in the morning with beautiful breeze touching your face, smell of greenery all  around and serenity. What more do you want? This is what my Tree House will give me :D (Weekends, may be?) I got this picture of the tree house while searching on Google. You can click on it to see more tree houses around the globe. I am yet to design the structure of my to-be Tree house! *writing blog post from the top would feel great*

So now some weekends on Tree house. What about other Weekends? I surely don't want my life to become monotonous! :D
next in;

4) Own a Yacht
wooohooooo! :D

This is a random picture from Google Search. However the Yacht of my *dreams* is somewhat same :)

A perfect weekend with close friends and Family in the midst of the sea. *splash*

5) Scuba Diving

I drowned in a beach in Goa few years back! I used to live in Goa before I came to Mumbai. Beautiful place indeed :) How I wish I knew swimming :|
So, my next wish is to not only learn how to swim but go for a scuba diving... :D Like the type they had in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara  and yes a trainer like Hrithik (even though in this particular movie Hrithik is show as the one learning it). Underwater Photography would be an added advantage!

6) Get featured in a magazine or a Newspaper (for a good work)

The young writer from Mumbai... or a girl from Mumbai has been doing ________ for the good of people. Not a page3 read but somewhere else in the newspaper. Being a Journalism student I know how much a by-line means and an article (for good deeds) is super good.
Note: The byline on a newspaper or magazine article gives the name, and often the position, of the writer of the article.

7) Get, set, Go!
We plan our trips months in advance! Book tickets and hotel rooms. Imagine a morning, get up, get ready, grab a map and just set off for an unplanned journey! The beauty in exploring is heaven :)
Now I understand what they mean by Get, Set, Go! grab the Glory :D
I am going to do this not just once but many a times. With friends or may be even alone :D

8) Bulls(s) Eye!

I hit the bulls eye and the other eyes in the room on me, I often dream of this Ecstatic situation :D *too much of me*

9) And You have hit the Jackpot!
Winning big in Casino :D Though I have never been to one but someday I will and would love to strike the Jackpot! *cash in hand*

10) Wardrobe of my dreams
A beautiful room just for my clothes and bags and shoes and accessories! ^_^
I am not a Fashionista kinda girl but who won't love to have such a walk-through wardrobe?

Carrie's walk-through wardrobe in the Sex and the City 2

Carrie's Shoes Closet <3

This was the first part of my Bucket list! The next post will have the next 10 and the the next-to-next post will have the last set of 10 to-do list :)
Have a lovely weekend people B-)

Keep reading and enjoying this b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l Life :)
and yes...
do share with me your Bucket List (if you have one) or comment on mine if you don't have one :D
adios <3